Market homes at more affordable prices

Hobsonville Point has been master-planned from day one to provide for a diverse range of New Zealanders. Homes are currently selling from $450,000 to over $1.5 million. Twenty per cent of the houses built at Hobsonville Point will be sold between $450,000 and $650,000.


All homes must be approved by the Design Review Panel. Things considered a luxury in other developments, such as double-glazing, extra insulation, rainwater capture and a weather-tight warranty, are mandatory at Hobsonville Point. That includes the Axis Series homes. The homes are of a much higher quality than you would normally find in the same price bracket in Auckland.


The Axis Series homes sections are smaller than others at Hobsonville Point to keep the cost down, but they are just as well designed and built. A smaller home and section size means lower maintenance, energy, rates and insurance bills for you.

The neighbourhood provides plenty of outdoor recreational space and opportunities for people to meet or bump into friends in the community.


When you buy an Axis Series home you will need to obtain finance from a bank, as you would with any normal house purchase. You'll then own a freehold title to the land and house.